Cccs Transfer Agreement

Some four-year schools in Colorado have different requirements depending on the license you are applying for. For the following schools and majors, see the FRCC courses that you need to take each semester to successfully transfer and get a bachelor`s degree. Colorado State University Global Campus – Transfer your Degree Associate to CSU-Global with a junior position. All classes are online. The Pathways Guarantee Transfer (GT) is the national general education program, which is at the heart of the Association of Arts (A.A.) and the Colorado Community College Science Association (A.S.), as well as most bachelor`s degrees at Colorado public universities. GT Pathways removes the guesses from the transfer because GT Pathways always transmits courses where a student earns a C or more and applies to the requirements of GT Pathways in any liberal Arts and Sciences Associate and bachelor`s degree at any public college in the community and university of Colorado. Colorado School of Mines – A transfer guide created to help students transfer from FRCC as part of the Colorado State Engineering Agreement. All courses spent elsewhere must be supplemented with a “C” grade or better to obtain account credits. Please note that the course will not be broadcast if a course does not apply to your current studies. Credits for transfer courses are displayed on your transcript of the Colorado School of Mines. The grades received for the courses are not part of the Colorado School of Mines` GPA.

With an associate degree, you will only need 60 additional credits to obtain your Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Science (BS). To see which courses to take at the FRCC as part of your associate degree, which are transferred and apply to the university`s bachelor`s degree requirements, see general transfer guides for Colorado`s four-year schools. The list of individual courses can be accessed at Once on this site, you only have to browse Colorado and then the Colorado Community College System to view course equivalencies.