Shaler Area Collective Bargaining Agreement

Course Students who live in the visitors` quarter of the shaler area school district can choose one of the 157 public schools in the City of Pennsylvania. A student living in a nearby public school district or an exchange student can apply for admission to the Shaler Area School District. For these cases, the Pennsylvania Department of Education sets an annual education rate for each school district. This is the amount that the public district pays to a charter school for each student who follows the Charter and is the amount that the parents of a non-resident student must pay to attend schools in the Shaler Area district. Tuition 2012 is primary – 9,818.52 USD, High School – 10,002 USD. [162] “We are very excited to enter this new era of a relationship with the bargaining unit,” said Chairman John Fries. “As a spokesperson for the Board of Directors, we are all delighted…. I think it`s a weight of all our shoulders, and we look forward to the next five years. “What we have done with the association, our board of directors and the headquarters team is huge what we have done,” said Vic Morrone, Superintendent Commissioner. The Shaler District School District provides health services on behalf of the Commonwealth and the federal government.

In each building, nurses are available to perform annual health screenings (data reported to the PDE and the Ministry of Health) and prescribe prescribed medications to students during the school day. Students may be excluded from school unless they fulfill all important ministry of health vaccination mandates. The school nurses monitor each student for this compliance. [135] Nurses also monitor each child`s weight. In 2010, the State of Pennsylvania provided $1,026,815,000 for special education services. These funds are in addition to the state`s primary education per student and all other national and federal funds. [116] Pennsylvania`s Special Education Assistance System provides that 16% of the district`s students receive special educational services.