Stipulated Expulsion Agreement

We advise you to contact Michael L. Fell`s law firm as soon as possible so that we can verify your case. However, everyone should keep in mind that mandatory expulsion requires you and your child to admit that your child acted in a reasonable way that he or she was suspended. Depending on what these alleged actions are, consent could be devastating and lead to criminal prosecution. Of course, the answer varies for your student based on a number of factors, but in almost all cases we do not recommend signing this agreement. In most cases, we have seen that these agreements are offered before actual evidence is provided. We do not agree to sign rights without knowing what your child is doing. If the school district offers mandatory expulsion to your child or if the school district accepts your mandatory deportation offer, you may feel that you have avoided potential difficulties and you do not need a lawyer to assist you in the trial. However, not having an experienced lawyer can lead to adverse conditions for your child. If your child is about to be expelled from school, you may be able to enter into an expulsion agreement with the school rather than go through an exclusion hearing. Mandatory expulsion is an agreement between your child and the school with alternative consequences and not a complete expulsion from the school district.

An experienced lawyer from Wallin-Klarich can review your child`s case and can negotiate an advantageous deportation contract for your child. The most important thing you need to keep in mind when considering an exclusion agreement from school is that your child renounces his or her right to be heard. A negotiated solution is useful for several reasons. Generally, this is an agreement agreed by the parent, the student and the school district. The best outcome is a comparison agreement that allows the student to stay in school (unless a return poses a health or safety risk), does not require an admission of guilt, and allows parents, students and school districts to be creative about how to design a plan to help the student succeed in school. You have the option of settling your eviction issue with the school district. The Leigh Law Group`s deportation lawyers have a good track interest in resolving deportation issues, including charges that involve mandatory deportations. The advantage of an agreement is that it avoids hearing, which can take time and lead to a problematic educational assessment of faults. If your child is recommended to be expelled from school, he or she is entitled to a hearing. At this exclusion hearing, school administrators and/or teachers will decide whether to validate the application for expulsion or reject the application. So if you or your child is suspended and recommended for deportation, should you sign an eviction contract with the school district? In some cases, your child`s school district may first propose a deportation agreement.

If this agreement has been proposed to you, we strongly advise you to speak to a lawyer with experience in the school`s management hearings. For a free case evaluation, you can contact Michael L. Fell`s law firm immediately at (949) 585-9055. You also waive your rights under the California Education Code. This code is in effect for the protection of you and your child and states that you have the right to be heard and to appeal the results of this hearing.